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Fat Belly's
Clcc entertainment
6 new clyde hwy       canton  NC     
  hours 11 am --  til

   Gormet burgers:  4.25
   The all american
   Southern style
   Hickory smoke
   Blue cheese
   Patty melt
   Mushroom swiss
   Bacon chedder
   Black bean veggie burger
   Jalapeno popper

  Specialty  sandwiches:
  Ribeye ----- 7.00
  Shrimp po-boy ----- 7.00
  Philli cheese steak ---- 7.00
  Classic chuck wagon ----- 4.25
  Bbq sandwich ---- 4.25
  Chicken sandwich ----- 4.25
  Hot dog-------Chicago dog ----- 2.25
  Mexi-dog ----- 2.25

**Fries:  2.25:**                                                                  ** dinners ----- 8.00**
   Reg                                                                                 pulled pork bbq dinner
   Cajun                                                                               chicken strip dinner
   Salt and vinegar                                                                buffalo style chicken
   Sweet potato                                                                    shrimp dinner
   Cheese fries
   Tatar tots
   Onion rings

**Specialty fries  4.00**                                         ** extra’s**
   Chilli cheese                                                       taco boat                          4.00
   Mexi style                                                          nachos                              3.00
   Texas style                                                         chilli cheese nacho            4.00
   Jalapeno poppers                                                fat-belly’s nacho                 6.00                                                                                   

                                                      canned drinks       bottled water
                                                               tea              1.00

 desserts   like  "famous funnel cake fries"      and   "deep fried apple pie"   always available